Front entrance to the Bella Mia Bed and Breakfast in Spring Lake, Michigan


The Terms and Conditions for reserving rooms at the Bella Mia Bed & Breakfast are to ensure that all of our guests have the best experience possible. If you have any questions or concerns about our policies, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Guests agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the owners of The Bella Mia Bed and Breakfast, L.L.C. and its representatives from all claims, disputes, litigation, judgments, costs, and attorney fees resulting from loss, damage or injury to guests and occupants, and licensees of guests. The Bella Mia Bed and Breakfast strongly recommends that guests obtain and carry travel insurance to protect personal property. Guests or their personal property, including vehicles, are not insured by the property owners against loss or damage due to fire, theft, vandalism, rain, water, criminal or negligent acts of others, or any other cause.

Our policies are subject to change at any time, and your reservation is an acceptance of these terms. Please read our policies before making your reservation.

COVID-19 Policy

The Bella Mia Bed & Breakfast wants to make your stay safe and comfortable. Below are some of the precautions we are taking:

- Increased sanitizing and cleaning of high-touch, common use areas.
- Masks are optional. We comply with local laws, including any additional safety or cleaning guidelines.
- We use cleaners and disinfectants approved by global health standards.
- Staff is required to refer to cleaning checklists to thoroughly clean each room.
- If you have any symptoms related to COVID-19, please refrain from coming to our Bed & Breakfast to protect our other guests. We will be happy to reschedule your stay without any fees.

If you have further questions about our safety protocol, please feel free to contact us.

Cancellation Policy

Though there are no cancellation fees, we require seasonally dependent notices for processing refunds. During the months of December 1-May 15, we require a minimum of a 7 day notice for a full refund.  During the months of May 16-November 30, we require a 14 day notice for a full refund.

For certain situations, the Bella Mia Bed & Breakfast can apply your payment for a future booking date if your cancellation is not met by the proper notice. This will need to be approved by the hostess in writing. To initiate your cancellation of your reservation, please email or call (616)283-1005.

Check In/Check Out Times

Check in time is at 3:00 PM. If you require a different check in time, please arrange prior to arrival to guarantee immediate access to your room. A late fee of $25 will be billed to the card on file if have not arrived by adjusted check in time and you will not be guaranteed immediate access to your room.

Check out time is at 11:00 AM. Late check out times are not available. A late check out fee of $35 will be billed to you if you are not out by that time.


Breakfast is served daily at 9:00 AM, 7 days a week and is included in the room rates. Breakfast is not a buffet style experience; it is served in a communal setting at the main dining table on the main floor. We have other seating arrangements available if you'd prefer to not eat at the main communal table. Each guest is served a hot breakfast plate. Guests are not guaranteed breakfast if they are not able to make the 9:00 AM mealtime.

A complimentary coffee self-serve station is open 24/7 to enjoy tea and coffee for our guests.

Dietary Restrictions

Since breakfast is included in the room rate and made available daily to our guests, guests are responsible for informing us at least 7 days before your arrival if you require dietary restrictions due to legitimate health concerns, such as diabetes, celiac disease, allergies, etc. A typical breakfast at the Bella Mia Bed & Breakfast includes ingredients such as eggs, cheese, meats, and breads. We sometimes include vegetarian and vegan options with breakfast. There is no guarantee we can make changes to your breakfast if not given enough notice or if the food restriction requires food items outside of our abilities to prepare. You will receive confirmation if we are able to accommodate your request.


There are 5 free parking spots available at the property; 2 in the front and 3 in the back premises that any and all guests may use. Parking is reserved for those staying at the Bella Mia. If you have guests that are visiting during your stay, parking is not guaranteed for your visitors, and they may be asked to find public parking if other guests arrive for parking.


You are expected to leave your room in as good a condition as it was given to you. Any damage or missing items caused by you or those affiliated to you to the property inside or outside of your room such as (but not limited to) carpet stains, soiled furnishings or linens, broken windows or appliances will be replaced or cleaned and billed to you via the credit card you have on file within 14 days of your departure.

Left Behind Items

The Bella Mia Bed & Breakfast will keep items left behind for 14 days from finding it before being donated or thrown away (dependent on the item), unless contacted by the guest for arrangements for return home. Guests are responsible for shipping fees if item requires shipping; this will be charged to the card you have on file within 14 days of your departure.

Age Requirements

No one under the age of 21 may book or stay at the property, unless accompanied by an adult. Property may not be suitable for children. The Bella Mia does not provide child items, such as toys, cribs, highchairs, etc. Rooms are generally designed for accommodating adults. Three of the four rooms are located on the 2nd floor.

No loud parties or events are allowed on the property.


No smoking is allowed on any area related to the property. Guests and those affiliated to our guests who are found to have smoked on the property are subject to a $400 cleaning fine, which will be billed to the card we have on file within 7 days of your departure.

Pets on Premises

We have a very gentle and friendly, medium sized dog named Winston and a small cat named Mrs. Potter who stay at the property. They are not allowed in the guest rooms and common dining and lounge areas but may roam around outside and in the back area. They are the official Welcoming Committee!

Guests are not permitted to bring pets, unless you can provide proof that your pet is a licensed therapy animal.

Wheelchair Access

There is no wheelchair access to the property nor elevators within the property. Please note that 3 of the 4 rooms are located on the second floor. There are step entrances in the front and back of the property.

Minimum Night Stay

There is no minimum night stay requirement for reserving rooms at the Bella Mia Bed & Breakfast, however a maximum night stay is 20 nights. For our business travelers, we can extend your stay beyond the maximum night requirement. Please inquire for more information and to receive a written approval before booking for longer than 20 days on behalf of a company.